Condensor Quote

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Condenser Quotation

How it works?

If you would like a quote for a condenser, please send a text to 07541 724069 with your car’s registration number and your name and address.

We will send you a price for the condenser by text to your mobile phone within an hour. If you wish to purchase the condenser, please click the link in the text and this will take you to a payment page. We will confirm we have received payment by text once received.

Once purchased we will send out for next working day delivery if purchased before 4pm. Delivery will be by DPD, and you will get a delivery time sent by text to your mobile phone.

Our Fitment Guarantee.

On rare occasions due to the vast variability in condenser sizes for each make and model of car, if we order the condenser from us and you use one of our recommended mechanics who offer the £60 fixed fee offer and the condenser does not fit, we will pay the labor charges incurred for the cost of the failed condenser fitting service. If you use your own mechanic and it does not fit Staykool will not be liable as stated in our terms and conditions for any labor charges incurred.

About our Condensers

The condensers we supply are zinc coated and have been tested subjecting them to two years of constant saltwater conditions. We have been using this supplier for the last 5 years and the quality is excellent, and their service is the most reliable.

Our Recommended Mechanics.

We have negotiated a fixed price of £60 to fit the condenser with the following mechanics if you purchase a condenser from us. They are all honest and trustworthy.

I will send you a promo code once purchased, so you can get the fixed fee of £60, please give the code to the mechanics when booking so they know to give you the fixed price.

Please only ring our recommended mechanics from Mon-Fri (9.00 am-5.00PM). We will send you the numbers once the condenser has been purchased

Wieslaw  at Demon Car Clinic (based on Great Northern Road) Fixed Price to fit from £60 + Vat

Steve  (Used to work for BMW, Based on Victory Road) Fixed Price to fit £60.

Other Mechanics, we can recommend.

We can also recommend a mechanic called Jay  (Based on Shaftsbury Street) he charges £40 per hour. He is not part of the £60 fixed fee offer or fitment guarantee.

Important Note.

Once fitted you will then need to book an appointment online at Please do not turn up without an appointment as some customers have turned up after fitting without an appointment and have been disappointed that we cannot do the service.